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What is Mulbery Silk
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Silk pillowcases by Kitts Boutique

Silk pillowcases - Mulberry silk

Having discovered and experienced over the years both the benefits and addictive comfort of sleeping on silk pillows cases, Cat Roberts convinced and successfully converted overnight, dozens of friends and family to her "secret".

As an avid consumer herself she discovered that the quality of the silk varied profoundly in her own purchases. Cat inevitably became more and more discriminating. She then decided to set up shop selling her own luxurious version with a cute and easy to pack travel pouch, drawing from her personal consumer experience in order to create her own perfect version.

First and foremost the silk needed to be top notch quality as well as machine washable and durable. The neat silk drawstring travel pouch was also a must for sleeping away from home. Leave the empty travel pouch next to the bed and it becomes a simple reminder to remove the pillow slip from the pillow when you leave.

Kitts Boutique oxford pillowcases are available in 19 momme mulberry silk (that's the perfect thickness and the best quality). The piping adds luxury and to make things really simple they are available in white ensuring that they can seamlessly incorporate with most bed linen sets.

The pillowcases are beautifully packaged and they are a fabulous gift for those annoying friends and family members for whom buying presents is a particularly frustrating task!


Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase. Thousands of years ago the Chinese developed and perfected a process making them the world's experts in producing the finest silk.

Mulberry silk is made from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. The moths are fed a constant supply of fresh mulberry leaves and their environment is strictly controlled to prevent them being disturbed by loud noises and strong odours! The resulting mulberry silk thread is the strongest natural fibre in the world making it incredibly durable.

Kitts Boutique pillow cases are made from 100% Mulberry silk making them luxurious, durable and comforting.


Momme (pronounced Mom) is quite simply the standard unit of measurement for silk. The larger the momme number the heavier the silk and the more silk that was used in that fabric’s construction.

Kitts Boutique pillow cases are made from 19mm which is the ideal weight for bedlinen as it is durable but light and comforting to sleep on.


Mulberry silk is a high grade robust silk.  Very strong indeed. Washing in a machine on a low heat (30 degrees preferably a handwash cycle if you have one) is absolutely fine and we know no-one wants to feel they have to handwash bedlinen!  However handwashing silk is always the preferred way if possible. Machine washing may remove some of the sheen of the silk over time but dont worry you will still reap all the hair and antiwrinkle benefits of sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase. Always drip dry - never tumble.


Mulberry silk contains no less than 18 amino acids.  Amino Acids are a best friend to skin and hair! Amino acids supply nutrients to nourish the skin and hair.

Mulberry silk contains “Sericin” a rare natural protein extracted from silkworm cocoons and is an effective ingredient against aging. Sericin prevents the growth of acarids and mould making it the best choice for skin allergies.

Mulberry silk contains natural cellular albumen fibre – a component which contributes to skin health by speeding metabolism of skin cells. Coupled with its amino acid properties contributes to the relief of joint pain, asthma.

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