Sleeping on a 'Kitts Boutique' silk pillow case and blacking out all natural light with their silk eye mask - I have had by far the best night's sleep.  Plus the added bonus of no sleep wrinkles and morning hair frizz.  Proper beauty sleep. The pillow case with it's beautiful piped border looks beautiful on my bed with the mulberry silk feeling luxurious against my skin - amazing.  The eye mask is perfect and a lovely neat shape.  Feels very comfortable as well as doing exactly what it is supposed to do blocking out the sunlight.
I was given a beauty sleep box for a present and have since purchased several more for birthday presents as well as another for myself.   I would without hesitation recommend both products as they represent real luxury combined with value for money. Oh – and the packaging is out of this world!




I admit to being rather intrigued when a friend gave me a Kitts Boutique silk pillowcase for my birthday. I had never slept on silk before but couldn't believe the difference it made to my night’s sleep.  My face feels smooth and moves so well on the pillow and for the first time in my life, I wake up to hair that doesn't need re-styling in the morning!

I never go away anywhere without it.


Catherine Miller