Luxury round towels with complementary jute tote!
Three exciting zingy prints. Sumptuous, soft and palatial
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What is Mulbery Silk
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Welcome to Kitts Boutique! 

Introducing Mulberry silk for anti-aging and beauty sleep, and other gorgeous products carefully selected to delight and inspire you.  We call them "Happy Products" - because when we have them in our life, that is exactly how we feel! 

SALE! LUXURY ROUND TOWELS.  reduced from £69 to £40.  While stocks last!


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Do you wake up each morning disgruntled and crumpled with a sleep crease face and frizzy bed head? You Should Be Sleeping On A Kitts Boutique Mulberry Silk Pillowcase!

  • Silk Breathes And Keeps You Cool
  • It's Hypoallergenic
  • Night Creams Stay Put On Your Face - NOT On The Pillow Case
  • It's Anti Wrinkle
  • Helps Prevent Tangled Hair